Certified Peer Support Specialist - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
CTT - Red Team - Kalamazoo
  • Provide effective, integrated recovery-oriented services as part of a collaborative CTT Team to participants that help them to meet their personal treatment goals.

  • Provide welcoming intake and orientation services to new program referrals.
  • Assess mental health, substance use, and other status of persons served during daily contacts and make stage specific treatment recommendations to assist in meeting their goals. 
  • Utilize engagement strategies including outreach and peer approaches to elicit individuals’ commitment to actively participate in treatment and enhance their recovery.
  • Support participants’ adherence to medication regimes through direct contacts including delivering, monitoring, and documenting effectiveness.
  • Assist in linking individuals to other community resources such as housing and benefits to help meet their needs and contribute to their overall well-being.
  • Transport individuals to appointments to address psychiatric or medical care follow-up; to meet basic needs i.e. grocery shopping, laundry; to pursue benefits applications i.e. DHHS, SSA, etc.; to participate in other identified treatment goals—vocational, educational, social, etc.  Assist with use of public transportation to build independence in meeting these needs.
  • Provide one-to-one recovery coaching tailored to the specific recovery targets of individuals and based on careful self-disclosure, offering hope, empathy, reflective statements, and teaching personal responsibility.
  • Support participation by people served in community-based harm reduction or abstinence groups and other peer recovery efforts including the Wellness Center activities.  Transport and attend with individuals as needed to support their attendance.
  • Provide advocacy and other peer supports that help participants address stigma and build successful substance-free socialization opportunities.
  • Communicate in a manner that demonstrates respect for persons served and others, and assures their right to privacy and confidentiality.


Minimum Requirements:  Two years of college and/or equivalent experience working with the target population preferred.  Experience as a recipient of mental health and/or substance abuse services who has achieved a level of recovery consistent with performance of the job duties.  Interest in working with individuals with multiple disabilities to help them achieve recovery is required.  Good communication, motivation, and negotiation skills; organizational ability; and problem-solving skills needed.  Ability to follow instructions—written and verbal. Completion of Peer Support Specialist certification preferred.  Valid Michigan driver’s license and a vehicle to transport.  Ability to perform work in community settings which may not be barrier-free.  Knowledgeable about and supportive of culturally-competent, recovery and trauma informed practices.

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