ACT RN - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
Kalamazoo ACT Team

Provide direct intervention, coordination, and consultation to persons served and others implementing their care regarding medications and general health or medical treatment.

Provide effective, recovery-oriented direct services to ACT/IDDT participants.

  1. Ensure initial/annual Health Assessments for assigned participants are completed according to agency timeframes and standards.

    1.2       Provide direct medical services to individuals as directed by the psychiatric prescriber.

    1.3       Monitor participants’ use of medications and effects on their target symptoms through use of agency medication records (“pink sheets”).  Monitor staff‘s medication administration. Track side effects, compliance issues, or other problem areas, and consult with prescribers to make adjustments as needed.

    1.4       Monitor medication administration by residential providers including specialized residential, general AFC, Rickman House, etc.

    1.5       Supervise progress of medical and health areas of individuals’ service plans.

    1.6       Coordinate with primary or specialty health care providers and advocate on behalf of people served for needed treatments.

    1.7       Educate staff, individuals, family members or significant others on the interactive effects of mental illness, psychotropic medications, and other physical health concerns.

    1.8       Participate in the development of forms, policies, and procedures related to agency adherence to relevant guidelines for medication management and physical health.

    1.9       Conduct staff trainings on medication handling and infection control at least once per year. Orient new staff as needed.  Provide people served with similar education on an on-going basis, and as part of their annual assessment process.


Licensed Registered Nurse credential. Minimum one year direct experience working with persons with serious and persistent mental illness and substance abuse needs. Specialized co-occurring training preferred. Some supervisory experience is desirable.  Knowledge of psychotropic medications and their side effects is needed. Good communication, motivation, and negotiation skills. Ability to work independently and excellent organizational skills required. Need valid Michigan driver's license and a vehicle to transport.  Have ability to perform work in community settings that may not be barrier-free. Knowledgeable about and supportive of culturally-competent, recovery and trauma informed practices. 

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