Assessment Specialist - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
Full-Time; M-F
CTT Services - Kalamazoo

Provide prompt assessment services to individuals who are newly referred to the agency.

Assess mental health, substance use/abuse, and other status of persons referred completing intake assessment and other documentation according to standards and make stage specific treatment recommendations to assist them with meeting their goals.

Respond to general requests for information about the agency and community services.

Facilitate referrals for individuals to on-going services that may be needed to meet basic needs and/or maximize their opportunity for personal growth and recovery.  Coordinate authorization for additional services with ISK as needed.

Utilize outreach and engagement strategies as may be needed to elicit individuals’ commitment to actively participate in treatment.

Ensure the safety of persons served and personal safety through compliance with the agency's safety and training plans.

Communicate in a manner that demonstrates respect for persons served and others and assures their right to privacy and confidentiality.


Support clinical teams by providing direct clinical services as needed.

Participate actively in scheduled team meetings, demonstrate active listening skills and conflict resolution skills as needed.

Actively seek out and provide back-up assistance to other staff to cover needed contacts for open positions, vacation schedules etc. at the direction of the Supervisor or when need is self­-evident.

Demonstrate flexibility by incorporating other team members’ suggestions into service delivery.

Effectively use problem-solving skills that reflect individuals' plans of service


Minimum Requirements: Masters Degree in a discipline related to the treatment of individuals with mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders.  Current Masters-level license/registration or certification commensurate with diagnostic evaluation and for third party reimbursement.  Substance abuse licensing preferred. Two years direct service experience working with target population.  Excellent communication, motivation, and negotiation skills. Valid driver's license and a vehicle to transport.  Ability to work independently in community settings which may not be barrier-free.   Knowledgeable about and supportive of culturally competent, recovery and trauma informed practices.  Lived experiences with behavioral health issues are welcomed. 

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