Office Manager - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
Full-Time; M-F
Front Office - Kalamazoo
  • Oversee management of InterAct’s office functions and other business processes that support program services and meet office / equipment needs
    • Ensure provision of quality customer service to all, including phone coverage and lobby reception
    • Assist COO in managing building services (supplies, cleaning and maintenance)
    • Perform lead role on behalf of agency with Probate Court (monitor use of forms, due dates, and scheduling with Psychiatrist)
    • Ensure safety of all by implementing agency’s safety plan
  • Provide effective supervision for assigned staff (all office support personnel)
    • Scheduling, regular meetings with and reviewing performance with staff


  • Supervise InterAct’s medication clinic appointment scheduling
    • Monitor that persons served are being seen at least quarterly and provider schedules are maximized
    • Implement effective appointment reminder system
    • Assist in communication with nurses and prescribers throughout the day
  • Previous direct supervisory experience
  • Associates degree or combination of five-years’ related experience and/or education
  • Proven skills in varied office processes including purchasing and management of multi-vendor relationships
  • Proficient in computer and database use, with electronic medical health record usage preferred
  • Exceptional organizational, analytical, problem-solving, negotiation and business communication skills with the ability to remain clearly focused while operating a busy office environment
  • Professionalism, critical thinking, and ability to work with a variety of diverse people (clientele, coworkers, vendors, etc.)
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of culturally-competent, recovery and trauma-informed practices
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