Registered Medical Assistant - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
Med Clinic - Kalamazoo
  1. Complete initial exam prior to client/patient’s appointment with Psychiatrist and/or Psych. NP.
  1. Perform vitals on clients who have mental illness and/or substance use disorder
  2. Administer injections to clients
  3. Perform documentation using EHR and other required systems
  4. Perform administrative tasks in med clinic as directed
  5. Other tasks as directed by the Clinic Nurse Manager

-          Current Medical Assistant Certification/Licensure

-          6 months or more of medical assisting experience

-          Proven ability to read and perform vital signs

-          Prior experience working with people with chronic and persistent mental illness and substance abuse issues desired

-          Proven ability to give injections

-          Proven ability to establish rapport with patients

-          Experience using electronic health record (EHR) preferred

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