RN - Kalamazoo

Job Type: 
Med Clinic Kalamazoo

Provide care to people with chronic and persistent mental health issues.

This is an opportunity to work closely with psychiatric prescribers, social workers and clients served by InterAct.

Participate in the prescriber clinic as assigned by Supervisor.

Participate in the injection clinic as assigned by Supervisor.

Assist clinical teams to develop, follow, and respect individuals’ person-centered treatment plans.

Resolve crisis situations.



  • Obtain vitals of persons served prior to medication reviews and psychiatric evaluations.
  • Discuss with persons served their use of medications, effects on target symptoms, side effects, compliance issues, or other problems areas.
  • Educate staff, persons served, family members or significant others on the interactive effects of mental illness, psychotropic medications, and other physical health concerns.
  • Ensure informed medication consents are completed according to agency timeframes and standards.
  • Ensure the communicable disease risk assessment is completed for persons served according to agency time frames and standards. Provide individuals served with infection control education as needed.
  • Assist prescribers with faxing prescriptions that can not be electronically prescribed.
  • Provide direct medical services to individuals as directed by the prescriber.
  • Ensure the safety of persons served and personal safety through compliance with the agency’s safety and training plans.
  • Obtain vitals prior to administering prescribed injections.

  • Stay current in and follow recommended best practices for injection administration.
  • Educate persons served, family members or significant others on the prescribed injection.
  • Assess the prescribed injection’s effect on target symptoms and side effects and consult with prescriber as needed.
  • Participate in individuals’ person-centered planning process as requested. Assist persons served to develop physical/medical goals, objectives, and interventions.

  • Coordinate with Case Management/Peer Specialist staff as needed to monitor progress of medical and health areas of individual’s service plans.
  • Complete progress notes for each service‑related activity within 24-hours of individual or collateral contact.
  • Ensure individuals’ medical case files meet requirements.
  • Routinely gather feedback from persons served.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of individuals’ diagnosis and history of mental illness, substance use history and treatment, prodromals, typical pattern of decompensation, medication, and health status.
  • Fill in for ACT Team nurses on occasion in the community if need arises
  • Coordinate with primary or specialty health care providers and advocate on behalf of persons served for needed treatments.
  • Assess mental health, substance use/abuse, and other status of persons served daily during contacts and make treatment recommendations to assist individuals to meet their goals.


Minimum Requirements

  • Licensed Registered Nurse credential
  • Previous experience working with persons with serious and persistent mental illness
  • Knowledge of psychotropic medications and their side effects, good communication/negotiation skills, ability to work independently, and excellent organizational ability required
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of culturally-competent, recovery and trauma informed practices
  • Lived experiences with behavioral health issues are welcomed.
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