Action Employment Services Receives Exemplary Rating


InterAct’s Action Employment Services (AES) program had a Michigan Fidelity Assessment and Support Team (MIFAST) review of its implementation of the evidence-based Supported Employment/Individual Placement and Supports (SE/IPS) model in June 2016.  MIFAST reviewers Kris Burgess and Eric Karbowski noted the following:   “AES and InterAct are commended for their ongoing commitment to the value of work for individuals receiving services. Their last Fidelity Report noted that they held the highest fidelity score in the State of Michigan and that commitment continues to be demonstrated four years later. Obtaining this level of fidelity is difficult and yet AES makes it look ‘easy.’ During the course of the visit, reviewers asked many participants about the strengths of the AES program. A frequent theme was the passion of staff and their commitment to working with the an individual to meet his/her employment goal— ‘whatever the person is willing and wanting to do, the AES staff are too...they are available…AES lives the principles, fight the bureaucracy...and are committed to the individual’s served.’ The team is proud of the way they work together. They are proud of their relationships with local employers and MRS.  They appreciate being a part of a team where they receive encouragement and support. Individuals receiving services from AES said that they get a lot of encouragement, that staff are ‘positive, up-lifting, amazing...they really want to help us and get us work.’ One individual stated that the ES ‘helped me in a million different ways...encourage me to do things I wouldn't necessarily do.’”


The results of this review included the fact that AES achieved its highest-ever score, ranking as “exemplary.”  InterAct congratulates the hard-working group of employment professionals that bring this quality service to people in our community:  Tami Young, AES Supervisor; Craig Allridge, Employment Specialist; Carrie Morris, Employment Specialist; and Cynthia Plum, Employment/Peer Specialist.