InterAct Board of Directors Are STAR Award Nominees


The InterAct Board of Directors elected the following for a 3-year term expiring January 2019: Matt Howard, Steve Rider, Mary C. Roberts, and Alan Sylvester.  In addition, Lucinda Stinson was elected to return to the Board.  She has a background in public administration with a health services focus.  She originally served on the Board from 2007-2011.  Officers for 2016 are: President – Alan Sylvester; Vice-President – Mary C. Roberts; Treasurer – Karen McDonald; and Secretary – Patrick Sullivan.

 As the agency enters its 25th anniversary year, the Board of Directors was thanked for their years of service.  Executive Director Claudia Wink-Basing nominated the Board for a STAR Award through Volunteer Kalamazoo.  The average hours of service for the Board as a group is 280 per year; equal to 7,000 volunteer hours over the agency’s 25-year history.  Two of our Board members, Matt Howard and Alan Sylvester, have been with the agency since we were incorporated in 1991. In total, the current Board represents 182 years of service with an average tenure of 14 years.  Their commitment to the agency and the people served is much appreciated.   The InterAct Board was recognized along with other community volunteers at the April 20, 2016 STAR Awards event.