InterAct of Michigan; Public Release Kalamazoo


InterAct of Michigan to Close 

After 30 years of dedication to collaborative delivery of evidence-supported mental health and substance use disorder treatments that foster hope and wellness, it has been decided that InterAct of Michigan will transition its Kalamazoo programs and services to Integrated Services of Kalamazoo by October 1, 2021.

InterAct of Michigan, Inc. was incorporated as a private, non-profit agency in 1991 and operates under the direction of a Board of Directors made up of community leaders. During the current and past year, InterAct experienced a decrease in government funding and has been limited in its delivery of services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This contributed heavily to the going concern whether the organization could continue in operation for the foreseeable future. The organization contracts with Integrated Services of Kalamazoo (ISK), Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health (SWMBH), Network 180, and works with other insurance sources to serve over 2,300 individuals annually.

Travis Swieringa, Chief Executive Officer of InterAct of Michigan stated, “InterAct has appreciated working collaboratively with Integrated Services of Kalamazoo, Network 180 and others in serving our communities. Our mission has driven us for over 30 years. In fulfilling that mission, it is in the best interest of the people we serve to transition our programs at this time.” InterAct’s Board Chair, Lucinda M. Stinson, shared, “We care deeply about those we serve. Our primary focus right now is to make sure that the community continues to receive critical services that have been provided by InterAct of Michigan. We are also grateful to our more than 150 dedicated and caring employees, especially during COVID, when they postponed vacations and personal time off to care for people in crisis during the pandemic.”

Most InterAct staff will have the opportunity to apply for new positions opening up at ISK and Network180 as a result of programs being transitioned to each organization.

Prior to being incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1991, InterAct was a division of Kalamazoo Community Mental Health Services, which is now referred to as Integrated Services of Kalamazoo. Jeff Patton, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Services of Kalamazoo stated that, “We value our long-standing partnership with InterAct and its excellent team of multi-disciplinary staff and will continue to preserve our mutual commitment to the Kalamazoo community in assuring evidence-supported treatments and services that maximize outcomes and recovery for individuals served. We will work closely with InterAct’s administration and Board of Directors to assure a smooth transition of specialty supports and services.  I want to commend the administration and Board of Directors of InterAct for their 30 years of dedication to the organization’s mission and persons served by helping build lives of recovery in the Kalamazoo community.”