InterAct of Michigan; Public Release Kent County


InterAct of Michigan to Close

After 30 years of dedication to collaborative delivery of evidence-supported mental health and substance use disorder treatments that foster hope and wellness, InterAct of Michigan will transition its Grand Rapids programs and services to Network180 and other designated providers on or around October 1, 2021.

Network180 began contracting with InterAct of Michigan in October 2013 to provide Assertive Community Treatment, First Episode Psychosis, and Supported Employment to individuals in Kent County. Due to circumstances beyond the control of both InterAct and Network180, the contracts for these services will be ending. Network180 and InterAct are working together to transition the people they serve to new providers. There are many steps to be taken and details to be worked out, but both agencies are committed to working together to make these transitions as smooth as possible for the people served through these programs.

Travis Swieringa, Chief Executive Officer of InterAct of Michigan stated, “InterAct has appreciated working collaboratively with Network 180, Integrated Services of Kalamazoo, and others in serving West Michigan communities. Our mission has driven us for over 30 years. In fulfilling that mission, it is in the best interest of the people we serve to transition our programs at this time.”

Due to the urgency of this situation and the integral piece Assertive Community Treatment plays in keeping people stabilized, independent and safe, Network180 will be bringing ACT in-house. While this is new to Network180, it is the most common practice for Community Mental Health agencies throughout the state to deliver ACT directly. Currently, InterAct has three ACT teams serving 250 individuals. Network180’s Human Resources department is working to offer employment at Network180 to InterAct employees. Network180 is also in the process of leasing the current InterAct offices, so the Assertive Community Treatments teams can continue operating out of the same space they’ve worked for the last eight years.

As for InterAct’s First Episode Psychosis and Supported Employment programs, Network180 is reaching out to other providers who may be willing to contract for these services.

Questions or concerns regarding services going forward may be directed to Network180’s Chief Clinical Officer, Kristin Spykerman (