Pilot Implementation of RAISE Begins in October 2014


Network 180In recognition of the fact the majority of individuals with serious mental illness experience the first signs of that illness during adolescence or early adulthood, Federal funds have been designated to support the development of early psychosis treatment programs across the United States.

Network 180 was selected by the Michigan Dept. of Community Health to be the fiduciary of a pilot implementation in three Michigan communities of the evidence-based project known as RAISE—Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode. The model uses a team-based multi-aspect approach with assertive case management, individual/group psychotherapy, supported employment and education services, family education and support, and psychopharmacologic treatment and monitoring.

InterAct of Michigan was selected to pilot the RAISE project in the Kent County area. The recovery-oriented, early intervention program will serve individuals ranging from ages 15-30 that are experiencing a first episode of psychosis. The one year pilot will begin October 1, 2014 and has a target of serving 30 individuals. InterAct's Executive Director Claudia Wink-Basing notes, "The success of this model as demonstrated in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom establishes its viability in improving symptoms, reducing relapse episodes, and preventing deterioration and disability.

We look forward to bringing another evidence-based treatment modality to the community and addressing the needs of this at-risk population as they work to maximize their recovery." Additional information on RAISE is available at the National Institute of Mental Health website