Substance Abuse Services Adds Early Intervention Treatment


Substance Abuse Services for Co-occurring Disorders (SAS) begins a pilot implementation of early intervention treatment called “Motivation for Change” in June 2013.  This four-session program is designed to enhance InterAct’s treatment for people who are at the early stages of change—pre-contemplation or contemplation.  This is a natural progression of SAS’ current stage-based treatment and will utilize motivational interviewing strategies to engage people in treatment.  Individuals with co-occurring disorders have serious impact on their mental illnesses from substance use and the combination enhances their risk for serious harm.  SAS clinical and peer specialist staff will be using best-practice materials and measuring impact on persons served through use of the Readiness to Change Questionnaire.  SAS Supervisor Jessica Robb states the goal is “to engage people quickly to help them reduce their level of harm and move towards a life of hope and recovery.  We look forward to adding this new group to our continuum of care.”