Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Services

Providing Help For People With Co-Occurring Disorders

InterAct offers outpatient Substance Abuse Services (SAS) targeted towards treatment of individuals age 18 and older with serious mental illness who also have co-occurring substance abuse disorders — a condition that affects an estimated 40-60% of this population. SAS provides behavioral skills training that focuses on treating both needs at the same time. Skills groups are offered to target the stage of treatment appropriate to the participant’s current stage of change: persuasion, active treatment, or relapse prevention. InterAct’s Substance Abuse Services along with its ACT teams received a 2010 Science and Service Award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) for “cutting-edge effective services” for treatment of co-occurring disorders. 

Motivation for Change

For all new referrals and individuals in the pre-contemplative stage of change, Motivation for Change groups are offered twice a week and cover 4 topics.  Once people complete the 4 sessions and are motivated to work on changes in their lives, they are referred to Access for authorization to the treatment group described below that best fits their needs.  

Awareness Groups

For people who are in the contemplation or preparation stage of change, Awareness groups are held several times weekly. These groups utilize persuasion strategies to engage people in harm reduction and movement towards abstinence.

Substance Abuse Management Module

For people in the action stage of change, Substance Abuse Management Module (SAMM) groups are used to teach participants skills to keep their mental illness under control, recover from substance abuse, and to enjoy life more fully. These groups focus on helping people understand and manage their symptoms, learn to use medications effectively, and to solve problems.

Recovery 4 Life

For people who have completed the active treatment groups and are in either the action or maintenance stage, a Recovery 4 Life group is held weekly. Participants receive additional skills that enhance their commitment to recovery and help them problem solve challenging situations in their lives that may trigger a relapse. Participants learn about community resources to use for support after graduation from SAS. 

Case Management Services

Individuals who don’t have other case management support may receive intensive case management services from SAS program staff. Case management supports are designed to help people successfully complete their course of treatment and include development of a person-centered plan that focuses on such activities as applying for benefits, obtaining housing, medication assistance, and other basic needs.

Substance Abuse ServicesOutcomes

In addition to helping people achieve their personal recovery goals, Substance Abuse Services outcomes include:

  • Reduction of negative consequences
  • Positive rates of treatment completion
  • High rate of satisfaction with service
  • Positive impact on meeting basic needs

What People Say About Our Substance Abuse Services

  • “I would like to thank InterAct for being so supportive in my recovery. I have regained something I lost many years ago; a vision. May you continue to change lives in such a positive way.”
  • “SAS really helped me a lot. It taught me a lot about how to work through my recovery and come out of my shell and communicate with my peers.”
  • SAS has helped me more than any other group-AA, intensive outpatient. Here I learned to deal with my mental illness as well as alcohol.”

How to Enroll

Referrals and authorizations for payment for Substance Abuse Services may be obtained by contacting Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health (SWMBH) Access Center at (800) 781-0353. Substance Abuse outpatient services currently are only available in Kalamazoo.  

For more information about Substance Abuse Services or other services provided by the agency, contact InterAct between 8:00 a.m.and 5:00 p.m. Monday though Friday at (269) 381-3700.

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